T.J. - 21 - Long Island/NYC - 516

Firefighter // EMT-B
Full-time undergrad
I like Hockey, music, and expensive beer
I don't take myself too seriously
I look like this

Hempstead, NY. For those who aren’t from Long Island, you don’t realize how much of an interesting place this town is. It’s basically New York City on Long Island. But it sucks. The best part about Hempstead is their Fire Department, and god damn are they legit. They basically lead the county each year in fires, and everything they do mimics the FDNY. 

Last night they had a fire, and were able to rescue a 72 year old woman from the house. Cool thing about it? The firefighter who made the grab also taught my FF1 Essentials class in the fall. It’s cool knowing that I’m learning from such skilled people.